A love beyond Sexuality

By Priyanka Arora

Such grace she beheld,

I could not help but stare.

All the while,

At her massive eyes,

Curves at all the right places

And unruly, wavy hair.


Gasping for breath,

Her bosom heaved sighs,

As I planted kisses,

On her cheeks, forehead, neck and thighs,

Her hands grasping my hair tight,

And our sweaty bodies entwined aright. 


She, my long lost desire,

Burning in the never extinguishing fire,

And I, her knight in masked armour,

Hiding my true self in a dusty corner.

Guilty of my identity, i let go of her well,

Embracing her was heaven in this hell.


How was she to know Who I really was,

A bisexual, confused, dejected and lost. 

That day was special for us both,

It was love that caught us in this hope,

Of remaining together no matter what,

For once opening our hearts’ doors till now shut. 


Asking her if she liked someone else,

I made her cry and died a little too.

Thinking of letting go of Cinderella’s other shoe, 

Coming out to her was to be the toughest deed i did,

And yet she said, “so”, talking wherever our conversation did lead, 



Freed I told her she was free to leave,

She hit me for making her cry and heave

Holding my hand, she walked alongside me,

It was two souls connecting, burden free,

Accepting each other, guiltlessly, 

And so we loved one another beyond sexuality...


  • Good work! Doesn’t quite speaks flowers. But throws a lot to think of.

  • Saddening to see how the LGBTQ community is to made to feel ashamed of their identity. :(
    Truly, this Earth is a living hell where we die every second, where our souls get habituated to the hellish fire called ‘society’.

    Rishu Sharma

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