A Living Cadaver

Hansika Chopra

Scrunched letters
Deteriorated self
Enervated soul,
Possibly no hope of coming back to my own?
A living cadaver.
Striving through thicks
With heavy, heaviers grips.
Oh untie me,
From the unwanted assays
I want the earliest get aways.

Smashed holy grails
Ruined certainty
Destituted context,
Definitely no wish of getting back to my own
A living cadaver.
Brawling through stony
With brave, braver agony,
Yeah unshackle me
From the dire sitch
I want the nearest hitch.

Graveled paths
Dithering wit
Unaltered vehemance,
Certainly no wish of getting back to my own!?
A living cadaver.
Breaking through brain and bones
With no angst, angsty of being gone,
Please unbound me already
From the spiteful grounds
I want the quickest galaxy round.

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