Harsha Sewani

With the mist settling down on the land,
the blooming smile disappeared like wind.
She reached to pick the flowers that sparkled
Yet the illusion dwindled before she could touch from behind.

The magical land turned a bright yellow,
with fumes of burning coal emerging from beyond.
The trees went darker, and darker was the odd fellow.
He was gaping at her and smiling wickedly.

She advanced in a different direction, only to discover clear sky and sunshine.
The bright yellow landscape refashioned into a floating paradise.
At the edge of sea, she could see stars flaring on the other side,
she rubbed her eyes, perceived the scene once and twice.

A boat waited by the shore, she climbed on to corroborate her site.
The rush of waves fondled her hair and skin.
Encompassing around were fishes and dolphins, swimming to get away from her boat.
Her eyes meandered the whole sea, her head spin.

She set foot on the other side, the whole land flipped.
Black sky turned orange, the stars grew pink.
The small creatures transformed into huge dragons,
rainbow painted the sky with just a tiny blink.

A turn to the left and she found her terminus.
The ode to the golden treasure, the land of precious diamonds.
Tugging her teddy close, she reached to touch the gems,
the gems however vanished, and so did the gold.

Shouting, Shouting, her husband screamed Dina.
Waking up and bouncing on the bed, the 26 year old felt the absence of her fantasy land.
She was no longer a child, it was just a dream. Reflecting the desires of the woman who never acquired the treasure.


  • Lovely poem…keep writing ❤

  • Absolutely beautiful poem


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