A Good Keep

Nikisha Hada

Listen you, hot one, I am just as hot,
We tried love but it's not our plot.
I can be your lady through every battle but instead you let me be your saddle.
We can move forward and take a stride,
Or you can lay backwards and let me ride.
I'm not a wife but I sure can end your strife.
You said you want love but lust is better !
I can be dirty and make you sweat,
And all you have to do is make me wet.
So take off your pants, we don't have to dance. 
I can paint and draw for you all day, I suck at it but I'm a lot gooey when it comes that way,
But then again I can suck all day and make you melt cause those three words are not mine to say.
I'm being bad, I'm being wild,
You can see what happens when you're not a child.
I can help you grow, I can make you flow.
I'm a bit cheap but I'm a good keep.
You have the heart, you have the soul but fuck that now and take it to the hole.
I can be just as good even if you amputate it,
Cause I'm a big girl when I'm stimulated.



  • Amazing :) Loved it.

  • Dayum !! The most creative expression of doing the dirty that I have seen … nicee!


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