A Gem from Dust

Krupa Susan Varghese

She was born with a curse
A curse which she never chose
It took her dreams away
Crippled her courage and strength
She never could find solace in the red streets
Where everyday she burned with guilt and searched for death
The life was an inheritance from her mother
Who always longed to protect her little angel from this dirt
Never could she stop her daughter following her footsteps
As poverty and humiliation, they ‘all’ had.

She took it as to live and feed her ailing mother,
Everyday dreaming for a normal life.
Her childhood memories were spent in the dark rooms
Where she always dream of a beautiful shore outside the room
Little she knew her world outside
Which was as haunted as being alone in the deep woods.

Years passed and today she stands helpless,
Presenting before a client who would decide her rates
As if she was a beautiful toy displayed for an auction
She was told what she must do before her client
Her salary would be at his mercy
And her actions will determine her future.

She was invited like a bride to his room
Dressed in fine linen gifted by her groom for the night
This was her first day at work and he was her first client
She entered the room with tears in her eyes and a hopeless heart
The man was sitting calmly facing north, lost in thoughts
Suddenly he looked back and find her standing
He looked at her and smiled but was not in a rush
She was afraid and was looking at him to understand his intentions
He opened an envelope which he had and gave it to her.

She opened it but never could read it
With tears in her eyes she looked at him
The man smiled and offered her a job
Her job was to nurture a baby girl who he adopted
The little angel was abandoned near to his residents
He felt the call for adopting this harmless princess
While crossing this street he happened to meet her mother an old school friend
With heavy heart she described her past and about her daughter
who she never wished to gift a miserable life.

After listening to him and thinking for a moment
She gladly took the offer and ran to thank her mother
Who welcomed her daughter with a smile
Later this day she never complained or cursed herself
She was saved from the shackles of lust
which she thought might be her destiny
Courage is her new friend and responsibility is her new identity.

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