A flame dream

Saloni Malhotra

Her choice of words is rough
Such that, comprehending her is tough
Her thoughts,vague and her emotions, creased
Hates the day but with nights she is pleased 
To her, life is a glass of wine
Her smile brighter than the sunshine
She doesnt believe in destiny
Always dancing to the beats of symphony
Angelic beauty in the morning
With sunkissed hair and kohl smudged eyes 
Malicious bitch when the sun goes down
Her opinions bring her distress and despise
So, she loves her own company
Alone but not lonely
Somedays she's just a vision of ecstasy
And other times, just plain misery
Moving around solo
On the streets and in the club
With an off-beat dress on
Because she says YOLO
She looked at life through eyes full of gleam 
She is beyond today, as if guided by a dream 
Never sidetracked by dissenters who may laugh
She, a dreamer, knew how special is her path
She puts things bluntly
Some say she's lost her track
It's just that she breathes differently
Because her pink is black




  • “So, she loves her own company
    Alone but not lonely”
    This is totally relatable…
    And this one, “It’s just that she breathes differently
    Because her pink is black” this was awesome, good job!

    Ishi Dass
  • Lovely work saloni…
    Great to see there are people who still write rhyming poetry!
    Have a look at my poem, “the Keteki at Midnight”, if you may.
    Lovely to have read this! :)

    Sharad Kamal Bezboruah
  • Hey there! This is so beautifully written. Glad to have read this. You may read my work too titled “I’ve dared to dream, have you yet”. What I liked more about this is the rhyming poetry.

    Nivedita Baraily

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