A Fish out of Water

By Maithree Venkatesan

Sometimes, I feel like a goldfish. 
Watching the sun rays race through the illusioned glass,
To shimmer like the love I desired. 
Swimming around in a pool of necessity,
I am confined by walls of unrequited sight, 
As the world watches me watch them. 
Sometimes, I feel like a goldfish, 
Stuck in a solitary bowl, void of echoes.
'Build bridges, not walls', they all told me,
But my bridges had been burned down a time too many. 
And so I chose to put up these walls instead. 
My teary eyed reflection hears,
But walls seldom listen.
She's my sole companion,
A figment of the other half I so desire,
My necessity. 
Sometimes, I feel like a goldfish. 
And so, I brought one home today. 
The world would have two less lonely hearts. 


  • A beautiful flow with such a catch in its ending. Wonderful!

    Meera Venkatesan
  • What a beautiful comparison! The image used is also apt for the poem. Keep up the good work. ☺

    Saba Fatima
  • This is a beautiful poem with so much depth to it. Brilliant work! ?

    Malavika S
  • “To shimmer like the love I desired”
    It’s very well written.
    Kudos to you for this nuanced piece.

    Ananya Mishra

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