A Dreamer's Utopia

Minotee Gokhale

As I closed my eyes to the outer chaos , the utopia of my dreams whispered in my ears ,
"Come with me to the horizon which is above all the fears .
In the lap of gods and angels while drinking the nectar of immortal bliss ,
Come and sing the melodies of love where the eternal lovers kiss .
Let the zephyr embrace your abode in the cerulean sky .
May the cherubim shield your dreamy land of clouds on high .
Smell the fragrant stargazer lilies blooming in the garden of love .
Drench in the elixir of life showered by god from above .
Bask in the ocean of milk and the warmth of radiant sun .
Ride on the graceful pegasus and traverse through the universe for fun .
Play on the slide of rainbows amidst the world of clouds .
Spill the stars of hope and create the magical land of sounds .
Look how the tiny fairies blow a kiss and put an end to all the strife .
Flow with the river of honey and taste the sweetness of life .
Dance with the nymphs and feel the rhythm of music in your heart .
Come , let's dive deep into the magical world and create holy art .
Open your eyes to the beauty created by your soul .
Open your heart and see what is sacred and what is foul .
You , My Child have the power to create a heaven on earth .
Realize your own magic and recognize your worth .
Wake up from your sleep with a new hope and glee .
Confront your fears and set yourself free ."

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