A Dream World

Taruni Sharma

I wish to live in the world,
Where I am my only judge.
A world so free,
That my demons leave me…..
I wish to empower,
Myself & my beauty…
Only, in that dream world,
I'll get my due for my silent duty….

I wish to live in the land of NOT men,
Or women,
But Human.
I wish in that world, I am beautiful.
That world would give me validation.
More than I ever needed…..
In that world, I won't have to prove,
I won't have to dread,
I won't have to be so needy.
For in that world,
I would be alone, free & happy.

I wish to live in the world ,
Where I feel ME & my demons feel trapped.
A world, where my mind is in my grasp.
A world where the world is nothing more,
Than an imagination…
A world of peace, a fantasy and
A result of a tiresome abomination.

I want to go to that world,
Where my heart doesn't ache.
A world of love, not pain.
A world of empathy, not gain…
I wish I could create a world of my own,
Without violence and crimes.
I would create friendship that rhymes,
With life and soul to behold.
I would erase betrayal and horizon.
A world, where we walk on the sky and fly on land.
A world of fire to breathe and water to mend.

I wish to erase success in that world.
A world, where journey is a celebration.
I want to live in a world of laughter, Tears of joy & 
Hearts filled with love and admiration.
I'd call it My World,
Because nobody would tell me what to do.
Nobody would leave me,
And nobody would hurt me or say they didn't mean to!
My World would be an epitome of happiness.
A world where sorrow is the alien,
And heartbreak is not just another failure….
Where Love is a power and not a weakness,
Where power is not a privilege & is out of existence.
Yet, It's better to not go there, we'll be living in a mirror afar,
For in that world, life would flourish with broken hearts…

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