A dream that screams - Awake! Arise! and Adventure!

Asha Kanaparthi

A girl so young
Bound by all
Found by none
Happened to be discovering her ownself
When all alone asleep!
Who in her rapid eye movement sleep
Had the rumbles and flashes of a storm
Were they! her thoughts running so deep
Oh!was it a mighty dream giving them a form
Awake! Awake!
the voice of the dawn
In the shriek of the bird
Wakes her up with a whole lot relaxing yawn!
A little more! She yearned
And that's a call of conscience
Rubbing her eyes,wiping the sleep crust all at once
As she Walked down to the mirror of self-esteem
In her gaze was this gleam
That grew brighter in her eyes with a shout-
Adventure! Adventure!
She heard not a whisper but a scream
Of this vivid dream
Her eyes glistening
Assimilating all the thoughts flowing as of a stream
Into a Matchless creation
That brings a sense of inspiration
With no question of running dim or deflation
Yeah! It's a dream which screams
Awake!Arise! Adventure
A dream like a stream
Is so limitless
A dream that screams
To be forever fearless
It's a dream
And nothing can be
This marvellous!

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