A Dream On Ice

Abhidnya Bhave 

He was a legend who never failed to surprise me,
all my life I've been wanting to catch up to him.  
Amazed by how flawless he could be, 
skating on the ice became my only dream.  
I dauntlessly put on my skates,  
and I freely move on the ice. 
As my body spins and rotates, 
I feel like I could touch the skies. 
I fell after countless tries, 
stumbling, slipping on the ice all over the blue.
At those moments,  I closed my eyes,  
and thought of my dreams that will come true. 
When I would see him just so perfect, 
no matter how hard for me it would seem. 
I claimed without being inept, 
that I will be the man to catch up to him. 
On the crystalline ice as I skated, 
I dared to dream of winning. 
The more and more I anticipated, 
for me, it was just the beginning.  


  • Thank you!!

    Abhidnya Bhave
  • I’ve got nowords,amazing…

    Rohit veetil
  • Amazing,it’s astonishing!!

  • Beautiful.. Dreamy..

    Krishna M Menon
  • Beautiful

  • ?


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