A Dream

Jasmine Arora

Unstoppably, I have been watching a dream
With my eyes wide open, which is deemed
With a lot of aspirations and hope
In a long stream which ebb and flow
And in the cloud of fulfillment, they go
Forming vapours in which efforts I store.
And with desperation in my heart, I wait
For the rain, my work, to validate.
And fall with pearls of desire
And in those waters, will i find the fire
To continue doing, what I do.
For with the rain, my world seems at truce
The trees look greener, the sky less alone
Quenching my thirst, quietining my mourn.
But what if the rain never falls?
If it goes up and stays there, is all?
What if this dryness eats me up?
What if this thirst dwells in my each gulp?
My wait, thus, will go in vain.
And my heart will always carry a stain.
For it is a dream that's always been
The only thing I had ever really seen
Bearer of thousand little meanings
A Rafflesia in the garden of dreaming
My verb for perserverance
A personified adherence
But my heart will make way
So come what may
As it never let goes of this dream
It will pacify its hidden and silent scream.
And all its courage, will it gather
And with nerve, will decide to go farther.
For this dream that I have is all
Against everything, which stands tall.


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