A December Night

Paige Montey

It was a chilly December night,

When he came inside my room.
There was fire in his eyes, and mine were filled with passion.
Soon our clothes tossed aside,
Our naked, writhing bodies intertwined,
We felt our genitals connect.
The way he playfully pinched and bit my nipples,
While I wet myself with squirt.
How he dug his face between my legs,
As I groaned in pleasure and pain.
I rolled myself on top of him, finally taking charge.
My hands grabbed onto his cock,
Which I licked and sucked as hard could do.
I blew onto his spongy balls,
While he showered me with his juicy love.
His erected penis penetrated inside my world,
And my body ached for more.
Back and forth we went about,
Until the break of dawn.
That wintry December night,
I found him, as I lost mine.


  • Wow, this here is one of the best!! I love it…

    Akash Mittal
  • So appealing. You have a way with words.

    Vedika Singhal
  • This poem is fire. Your words take me on a journey. Thanks for sharing Paige.


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