A cry to be against segregation

By Shreya Langer

Nostradamus predicted the third world war
and we're nearing it by every hour.
I tell you, the human race
is headed towards the judgment day.

There are endless cries on the roads of Syria,
people have become refugees in their own country.
Skies are the witnesses of the brutals murders
nights have seen houses fall like a deck of cards.

The lake has felt the poison spread among it's people,
century long struggle in Kashmir sees no end.
Families have left their homes toward a stranger land,
soldiers have lost their lives fighting wars and battles.

America has found itself on the target of terrorism
news have been spreading of the blasts that happened.
Strategies are being formed against North Korea,
peace seems to have fleed the land.

Our leaders have convinced us of the illusion of harmony,
and we're too ignorant to see the fault lines under our system,
they are to announce war sitting on the chair
but there's going to be a brutal blood spill.

We're too busy in curbing other economies
we don't realize in this mess
we're just an explosion away from losing our lives,
just an earthquake away from being homeless.

Mumbai or Manchester, both mothers lost their sons,
Paris or Pakistan, both lands have heard the shreiks.
Why are we segregated by geographical boundaries,
why are we not one world but 196 counties?

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