A Castle In Clouds

Neha Thakur 

Sitting on the sea shore I listen to rumble of waves,
Watching clouds to touch their edge..
Oh my lord, it is only because of your grace,
That they levitate miraculously like giant cotton balls.

Closing my eyes I plunge into a reverie and wonder,
From where these clouds are coming and where they will go.
Why should not I just fly and follow them,
And as I soar in air I see a beautiful rainbow.

Could that be a bridge for the princess’ fort?
Each road is lined with beautiful azaleas,
And every garden has a color of its own.
Have these been tended to greet me.

Small fairy girls with flowers in their hair,
Now welcome me with an angelic smile on their face.
Everyone sees me with reverence and don’t ask me for my name,
And as bards they sing songs of my glory and fame.

More astonished, I see a soldier firm and watchful,
I looked at him in askance to enquire about his whereabouts.
He then answered in a solemn voice,
Your highness to guard you is my only pride!

Now I can see a colossal castle of clouds,
Fairies where wait for my orders under a big golden gate.
I am adorned with a dazzling white dress with
Sparkling pieces of celestial stars forming patterns on it.

Wearing a tiara on my head, I am now a queen,
Whose subject and their welfare is only motive of my life.
Each day I make an inconspicuous vow to them,
That thou shalt not left astray ever,
As not lord but I will be your shepherd for eternity.

Category: Poetry
Topic: Fantasy
Title of Work #2: A Trip to Mermaid Land
Your Work #2:
I don’t know whether it was a delusion or a day-dream,
But ephemeral memory of it does not fade away with time.
Alone I was sailing in that boat,
Middle of the sea surrounded with fog.

A mellifluous piano symphony was playing somewhere,
Enraptured I followed the sound of music.
Its dulcet sound filled my heart with love and hope,
And welcomed me with its familial tone!

I was then puzzled to see the door made of water.
Is that the gateway to another world?
A sense of déjà vu then engulfed me.
It comforted me rather than making me scared.

On entrance, a dolphin guard waited for me.
He asked me for a ride on his back.
And took me to deepest recesses of the sea,
Where amorphous creatures floated and hummed.

There I saw a mermaid princess with my face,
And she welcomed me warmly with her lithe grace.
Who are you and why are you crying?
To which she answered I am you from other world.

Here a king of snakes,
Is asking for my hand,
And not because he ardently loves me,
It is only because of his ill-will to rule my realm.

After this marriage, I will have to open all gates of my treasury,
And the one who can forbid him now is only you.
I wondered how I would accomplish this mammoth task,
With no acquaintance in sorcery and magical powers!

Your pure heart and intent will be our sword,
She told with an assuring smile.
The grotesque snake king then held me by my hand,
While he was hallucinated I removed his fang.

The subject of mermaid princess then threw a ball,
With a sumptuous banquet that was luscious and easy.
In morning I thought it was a fantasy but my tongue,
Still had an after-taste of food from the mermaid fairy-land.

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