62 Seconds- You live ,They survive.

By Saudamini Sharma


The clock hands move with ticks and tocks . Your life moves second by second with those hands with all picks and drops . You never realised how time passes in such short span of seconds for which we don’t care at all.
But there are some out there wrestling with their time and fate scrounging for their best clock.
Two clocks function in this world
One for the rich and one for the poor. Those gold plated clocks functions as smoothly as waters of Ganges and Nile others with broken hands as rough as papers of sand bruising lives.
You sit in those vaccum like air conditioned metals shield with windows barring the heat from all directions, They stand right outside them with their bodies gleaming for shelter ..barely covered patchy skin
Risking their lives under those metals they run , they run towards those half open windows with nothing but hopes with open hands and hungry eyes. Hungry? Yes eyes are hungry too
Those eyes.. Have you ever noticed those eyes , those eyes are the deepest ,look into them for once you will see heavens and Hells at once
You do nothing but roll up those windows shooing them away like
Some insects. How generous.
Some feel pity some feel sad they wonder why God made them like that
But those sympathies are for the span of 62 seconds , believe me when I say this 62 seconds , 63rd second you are again lost in the luxurious world. Those sympathies fade away
Their scars don’t.

Yet they smile yes they do but you never smiled back at them , never asked how they are . Why? Because you don’t know them , they are not up to those standards to talk to you
You only see them as symbols of poverty disease and hunger. Your surroundings haunt you giving you their examples as failure but never
As strength.
Every second every minute every hour they somehow survive. But you , You out their Live your life.
Try survival once – It’s lethal.

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Street Kids'


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  • True mirror of Delhi and other metro cities of India! Such a huge divide between the Haves and Have-Nots is not today’s creation. Unfortunately, we, the society, have to live with it as a mute spectators. No legislature can reverse or change this chronic menace. Sad!

    Mohindra Kumar

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