Be A Slam Poet on YouTube

Has it always been your dream to share your poetic talent with the world? Then use the medium of slam poetry to voice your opinion! 

Delhi Poetry Slam welcomes submission of poetry videos made by you. Record a video of yourself performing an original poem written by you and get the chance to be featured on our very popular Youtube Channel. We are proud to have over 14,000 subscribers and 2 million views. 

You can film a poetry video on any topic of your choice. Here are some suggestions: 

  • Social Issues
  • Love and heartbreak
  • School and college life
  • Mental health and depression
  • Gender Identity
  • Pressure that youth in India face



    • Poem must be in English or Hindi.
    • Poem must be an original work of the poet. 
    • Poet must be aged 13 and above to send their work for publication. 
    • Poem should be no longer than 5 minutes. 
    • Beginners are encouraged to participate. 
    • Copyright of the poem remains with the poet. 

    Video Specifications

    Video should be filmed in a bright location, for example, close to a window or in a bright room with natural light.

    Audio should be loud and clear. 

    We accept video submissions of poems performed live on stage and poems wherein the poet addresses the camera directly. 

    Use a digital camera, smartphone or WebCam to shoot your video.

    Asking a friend, family member or amateur filmmaker/ photographer for help in filming your slam poetry video is suggested.

      How to Submit Your Poem

      Send us a link of your video with a brief write-up to!