Get Published


Delhi Poetry Slam invites new submissions of poetry for publication in our online Magazine. It is a great way for aspiring poets from across India to share their work in front of a large poetry loving audience. Get published, receive encouraging feedback from the community and share your talent nationally. 

Deadline for submission is February 12th 2019, 11.59 PM. So spill your creative juices and send us your poems.    

Writing Prompt

The theme for publication in our Magazine  is "My superhero". 

 A superhero can be a person who leads a regular life but shows the sacrificial courage that any ideal deed demands. Who, if the time asks, is ready to go down, to let a fitting soul fly upto it's height. We all have that one person near us, who inspires the good in us, when everything seems to inflame our corrupt parts.

Write a poem on a person  you consider as your superhero get a chance to be published in our E-Magazine. Read this famous poem by Nikita Gill about appreciating that one person who stands by you every time .