Career Advice

Did you always have ambitions to be a poet/ writer? At Delhi Poetry Slam, we offer free career counselling to budding poets to launch their careers. 

What does a poet do? 

A poet is someone who has natural aptitude to write. You love to express your thoughts. As a poet, you spend your days writing poetry. Your smartphone is filled with four-line quotes and your diary is filled with sonnets. Your friends call you the 'Robert Frost' or 'Sylvia Plath' of the group.

To become a successful poet, you need the guidance to make the right decisions. 

Write to us for free career advice if you want to: 

  • Improve your writing. 
  • Get published in an anthology, magazine or your very own book. 
  • Say yes to fame and recognition through our online portals.

This counselling is provided to you one-on-one by an expert via e-mail. Depending on your age and life goals, we will share the best tips to take your poetry to the top!

You Can Be A Success!  

It can feel challenging to be a poet sometimes.  But let your creativity free, as we guide you on how you can achieve your goals efficiently and quickly.