A rendezvous in Cyprus- Ali Ashhar

The scintillating island of Cyprus

signifies million beautiful stories in a way, but 

ours is beautiful in a million ways. 

The morning sunrays pervade the horizon deep, 

gentle breeze from the sky serenades a sonnet. 

She holds infinite emotions enveloped in 

the magnificent shores of her eyes

the rippling waves around testify her prodigy

as we stand on the nearby bridge;

time stops in the moment—

for us, it was like an era. 


We sit down to read Shakespeare and Shelley. 

Impressed and inspired—

she is the gorgeous theme

and I am a momentarily poet. 

We sip cappuccino

and stroll through the boulevard of dreams. 

I try to pen down the verses in between. 


Fate has its own course

it writes the moments in the most vagary ways—

meant to lived once

and cherished forever. 

The sun bids adeau for the day

as we crave to chase down the fleeting moments. 

The birds make way to their destination

as the days work is done;

we head to our matured selves

to counter what life brings next. 


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