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Ecstasy, Euphoria, Freedom

M. Tanishka Ravindra

The pill dissolved on my tongue, The liquid slid in my veins
The smoke gathered in my lungs.
I just wanted a taste
A small prick with a needle, Just a puff from a paper roll.
A new world opened up to me then
A world where I was floating, flying without a care.
Nothing mattered then. I was happy, content.
I was smiling as the world became nothing but a reflection.


The glasses clinked and the bottle winked.
The clear amber liquid burned through me.
As if absolving me of everything
Everything of me.
I didn’t know which was better as the world tilted on its axis.


The anger slid in my veins faster and hotter than fire.
It pumped my adrenaline to choose fight
It didn’t matter if it was verbal or physical. I just wanted to rage.
There was no other thought.


My skin burned as the blade slit it open clean.
Blood spurted out of it like a fountain. Some of it splattered on my face.
Rest oozed and made a stream to the floor
A peace covered me then.


You want to know what these three words mean?
You want to know why I chose the path of self-destruction?

They said to prove my coolness and so I did
But then I just couldn’t stop.
I wanted the memories gone. Bury them into the grave I had dug in my mind.
Because it hurt, it hurt so much.

Alcohol, Drugs, Anger, Suicide
They numbed the pain, dilated the memories.
And that was peace. Destruction bought peace.
They felt like peace and tasted like heaven.
And so I never stopped. I wanted the world gone and it was.
Heaven tempted me and I craved it.

Not everyone wants to forget or were peer pressured.
Some just want to have fun. Get out of the boring.
Break the monotony.

Alcohol, Drugs, Anger and Suicide
Don’t know if they are the hunters or the prey.
Or maybe, They are the traps.
Designed to makes us feel like they are our salvation
But manned to destroy us.

This was just a gist of that world.
Don’t judge. Help instead.
They are strong only if you let them be.
Choose life instead.

Freedom was, is and will always be yours.

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