Past Competitions

Wingword Poetry Prize is a national competition that aims to involve youth who write poetry and provide them with prizes worth INR 5,00,000 along with book publication. The young generation has a talent for poetry, in their own unique ways they are expressing themselves everywhere. It is an opportunity for unrecognized teenagers and youth to showcase their talent and creativity at a national pedestal. The competition is sponsored on an annual basis by Delhi Poetry Slam from December to March. 

In the first year of the contest, we received 1200 entries from nooks and corners of India. Here is the list of the winners of Wingword Poetry Prize 2017. We congratulate them on this prestigious achievement. 

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1st Prize Winner: INR 1,00,000

Vancouver Shullai- The Wait

Shillong, Meghalaya

I am thirteen years of ignorance,
Five years of mistakes and three years
Of telling myself not to do them again.
I am Khasi with no Khasi name.
Catholic, with no Catholic name.
I am christened with Imagination,
Watered with Precision
And salted with Detail.

It has been exactly one hour
And thirty six minutes
Since I arrived at the airport
And exactly seventeen minutes
Less of that, that I saw a Maruti 800
With dents and scratches and a family.

I wanted to imagine right away.
To create a personal motion picture
For my mind and my mind, alone:

You see,

There was Dada with little Riya
Sitting in the passenger seat next to Rajah ―
Their loyal driver who has a North Indian wife,
Pregnant with their second child.
In the back seat was Anjali, first child
Of Dada, with her son, Ritesh ―
Brother of Riya.

Heading home after a trip to New Delhi
Anjali was only waiting for a hearty lunch.
Riya, just as hungry, was waiting to get away
From her grandfather's sweaty arms.
Rajah was waiting for a phone call,
While Dada was waiting to rest.
Ritesh was fast asleep to wait for anything.

(It was an affair of waiting.)

Dadi waited at home with a warm pot of rice,
Dal, papad, sabji, Italian pasta
And three buckets of bathing water.

In their Japanese-themed living room
Was Anjali's beloved Francis, whose erudition
Included a Master's degree in Psychology
And seven Spanish words, one of which meant window.
He sat and he read a book of a British writer
And waited on his wife and children to return.

The Maruti 800, model 1998, entered the gate ―
The sound of which made Dadi run with joy,
Francis sigh and the papad burn. 

Runners- Up

2nd Prize: INR 50,000

Debarshi Mitra- Still- New Delhi, Delhi

It seems at this time of the night,

I could bring my neighborhood to a standstill

just by wishing if it were so. Only the street lamps

flicker in nervous anticipation and precisely

at the designated corner, the night watchman

holds up his unfinished cigarette 

and sucks time into his lungs. The windows

remain shut, all stray dogs occupy their respective

places in the universe. Not a leaf dares to quiver.

Even the shadow of the thought of you in my bed

refuses to leave.

3rd Prize: INR 25,000

Trijita Mukherjee- Kalyani- New Delhi, Delhi

this is a quiet town.
a town so quiet that
you can hear the sound
of an axe skinning away
at a piece of wood.

the sound of a singular
bell on a hero cycle,
when the cyclist slowly trails
along an even slower road

that leads to the blacksmith's
shop at the end of the road.
the blacksmith's hammer's
a drowsy town.

at 2 o'clock
on an ordinary afternoon
if you walk towards
Central Park,
taposh-da will be
pulling down the shutters
of his grocery store--
his wife
has just drained the starch
from an earthen pot
she has boiled rice in
for the last 25 years.

further down
biren-da would be brewing tea
and selling biscuits and other
such eats,
for the bank officials,
when they step out
for their hour-long
lunch break.

later on
maybe around 5 o'clock
when you are walking
back home,
the boy at kamal furniture store
will be sprinkling water
from an old pepsi bottle
on the floors
of the shop--
the afternoon dust will
then settle down,
to a lesser quiet evening.

winding down
the lane
by the lake, which leads
up to the gates of your
you see amal-dadu sitting
at his doorstep
smoking a biri. .
"kire? kamon achis?
kobe asli?”
you smile at him
comment on the weather,
and refuse an invitation
to a cup of tea.
"nah.. aaj jai."

you will reach home
open the gates
that creak
with the sound of years
of coming and going--
solitary footsteps
and bags, lost.
you will sit in your room
switch on the fan and
hear the pages of your diary
it is the sound of
the slumbering sadness
of a quiet town
you will know.

Top 30 Prize Winners: INR 10,000

Rohan Naidu- The curd won't form, now that you're gone- Hyderabad, Telangana 

Zainab Ummer Farook- Homecoming- Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Ekshikaa S- 21 Barbies And 1 Ken- Chennai, Tamil Nadu 

Ananya Ray- Syria- Kolkata, West Bengal 

Shruti Shukla- Yes, I shop- Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 

Jaisal Kapoor- Quarter Life Crisis- Mumbai, Maharashtra 

Meghna Chatterjee- A Ride Away From Home- Kolkata, West Bengal 

Jash Dholani- All cracks are smiling now- Sonepat, Haryana 

Sushruti Tripathi- Nothing is how I feel- New Delhi 

Anuradha Rao- Mornings- Bangalore, Karnataka

Sneha Roy- Alfaaz- Sonitpur, Assam

Kaavya Ranjith- Phonecall- Pune, Maharastra, India 

Aashika Suresh- Unlearn- Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Aditya Lakshmi Ravichandran- Child of War- Anupuram, Tamil Nadu 

Supriya Shekhar Azad- Dearest Society- Jammu & Kashmir 

Hiya Mukherjee- Becoming Unbecoming- Kolkata, West Bengal

Bikash Kena- Kintsukuroi- Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh 

Aratrika Ghose- An Ode to the Odd Ones- Kolkata, West Bengal

Merab Wangchuk- MONACHOPSIS- Kolkata, West Bengal 

Dibyangee Saha- (Un)wisden- Kolkata, West Bengal 

Wikim Ajang- Darling Mother- Tirap, Arunachal Pradesh

Saniya Heeba- Abruptly Aware- Roorkee, Uttarakhand 

Urvashi Bahuguna- Seeking a well-spoken gallery assistant- Gurgaon, Haryana

Mahika Khanduri- Trauma- New Delhi

Aditya Sharma- Monsoon Musings- Guwahati, Assam

Syed Ali Mudassar- Mother- New Delhi

Eesha Roy- Red is my favourite colour- Pune, Maharashtra 

Suveni Madan- Infidelity- New Delhi

Antara Chakraborty- Years in Tea- Kolkata, West Bengal 

Priyam Gupta- Thank You Note- Mumbai, India 

Commendable Mentions

Upasa Borah- Say Cheese- Guwahati, Assam

Kaushambhi Bagchi- Home- Gurgaon, Haryana

Satyendra Nair- Caustic Wine- Mumbai, Maharashtra

Maulik Dabholkar- Instinct- Mumbai, Maharashtra

Letitia Jiju- Roots- Kottayam, Kerala

Akshay Sharma- Boy- New Delhi

Avantika Chaturvedi- Greens to Greys- New Delhi

Ritika Kapoor- Valkyrie- Pune, Maharashtra

Ambuj Sen Patra- I Know, Nobody Knows- New Delhi

 Kavya Jayanthan- Imbroglio- Bangalore, Karnataka

Sakshi Malpath- Stuck- Hyderabad, Telangana

Sreelakshi Sudhakaran- ‘Native is not the same as ‘Innate’- Bangalore, Karnataka

Srushti Shah- Don’t just exist, Live- Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Rajani Bal Nanda- Love Me Now- Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Sohini Mukherjee- Nistha- Kolkata, West Bengal

Nida Rashid- Impending- Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Titas Biswas- Soothe Your Fears (A Letter to My Best Friend)- Kolkata, West Bengal

Shivani Tannu- Tell Me- Aundh, Maharashtra

Rabia Kapoor- We Are The Internet Generation- Mumbai, Maharashtra

Stuti Pachisia- Incense- New Delhi

Vaishnavi Kamath- confessions of a caffeine dependent life form- Bangalore, Karnataka

Niharika Mathur- Numb- Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Fathima Zaina Fazal Mohamed- Honey, Wake Up!- Chennai, TN

Akshita Gupta- Marji's Song- Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Akanksha Varma- Received- Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Urvashi Mukherjee- Aatish-e-Tanhai- Kolkata, West Bengal

Aarushi Gupta- Taxi Trips- Mumbai, Maharashtra

Tanisha Nag- Homeless- New Delhi

Chitrika Bhargava- Solace in Imperfections- New Delhi

Harismita Vaideswaran- Ignorance- Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Trisha Coelho- With You- Kolkata, West Bengal

 Shrutee Choudhary- Remnant of You- Ranchi, Jharkhand

 Prerona Dutta- The Infinite Hourglass- Kolkata, West Bengal

Nandini Varma- Death is Not A Lonely Visitor- Mumbai, Maharashtra

 Moushmi Mehta- Of Better Seconds- Mumbai, Maharashtra

 Shlagha Chaubey- Looking Up- Mumbai, Maharashtra

 Zeneeva Parvez- Dear Everyone- Kolkata, West Bengal

 Lusha Jetley- #NotAllMen- New Delhi

 Shivani Bindhyeshwari- One Sip- Noida, Uttar Pradesh

 Rajeshwari Dasgupta- Five (More) Ways to Kill A Man- Kolkata, West Bengal

 Alisha Bhupen- Semantic of Being Dead- Guwahati, Assam

Debarshi Mitra- English- New Delhi

 Harshitha Swarna- Vitiligo- Mysore, Karnataka

Poulomi Roy- Assimilate- Pune, Maharashtra

 Akanksha Duvedi- Anxious- Panchkula, Haryana

 Rukhsar Khan- Rebel- Mumbai, Maharashtra

 Subhashini Verma- Shapeless- Jalandhar, Punjab

 Meghna Bhattacharyya- To Mum & Dad, From Your Perfect Daughter- Guwahati, Assam

 Ankita Shah- Borders- Mumbai, Maharashtra

 Mehr Pasricha- What is it About Babies?- New Delhi

 Devanjali Banerjee- I Want The World To Change- Kolkata, West Bengal

 Sanjana Srikumar- Musical Silences- New Delhi

 Shreya Rach- A Rebellious Act- Mumbai, Maharashtra

 Farah Maneckshaw- An Emotional Faucet With A Permanent Leak- Mumbai, Maharashtra

 Aishwarya Sahi- Notebook Poems- Patna, Bihar

 Ranu Kunwar- Suicides and Fire Burns- New Delhi

 Syed Adil Husain- Momentary- Bharanpur, Madhya Pradesh

 Devapreeta Jena- A Friendly Foe- World We Inhabit- New Delhi

 Guntaj Arora- For My Sister- Chandigarh, Punjab

 Ashwita Angeline Ashok- As We Walk- Trivandrum, Kerala

 Saheli Ray- Why do they sing you 'Goodbye', Grandma?- Kolkata, West Bengal

 Sihi Nagathihalli- On My Grandmother- Bangalore, Karnataka

 Satyaki Mitra- Deserters- Kolkata, West Bengal

 Rithvika Puttabakula- #SocialNetwork- Hyderabad, Telangana

 Samriddhi Pandey- Coming up for Air- Mumbai, Maharashtra

 Sneha Rozelena Anthony- Swings and Ice-Cream- Kolkata, West Bengal

 Rohan Naidu- Chopstick Fumble at Hawker Centre- Hyderabad, Telangana

 Divya Karthikeyan- Abrus Precatariuos- Chennai, Tamil Nadu

 Aakanksha Majumder- Your Warmth- Mumbai, Maharashtra

 Tania Mitra- Abandonment- Kolkata, West Bengal

 Farzana Palathingal- There Were No Lessons In School For Days Like These- Manipal, Karnataka

 Kajol Runwal- Kitchen Women- Pune, Maharashtra

 Apurva Shelke- To Be- Nashik, Maharashtra

 Gayatri Hariharan- The Great Weight- Bangalore, Karnataka

 Haalah Shaikh- The Nomad- Mumbai, Maharashtra

Sonal Sharma- Shame- New Delhi

 Jelsyna Chacko- One word less, one idea unexpressed- Pune, Maharashtra

 Divya Sruthi Alamuri- Maps- Hyderabad, Telangana

 Sobulemla Pongener- Lavender- Kohima, Nagaland

 Dhruv Trehan- Onomatopoeia- Gurgaon, Haryana

Niharrika Singh- Protest Art- Mumbai, Maharashtra

 Anees Ailynti Noronha- May- Shillong, Meghalaya

Riya Dey- Depression- Kolkata, West Bengal

 Sameera Pant- The Love Song of a Sixteen Year Old Spinster- Gurgaon, Haryana

 Archita Mitra- Menstruation- Kolkata, West Bengal

 Harish Pedaprolu- The Bajji-Wala- Mumbai, Maharashtra

 Thanisha Santhosh- Roses and Bristles- Bangalore, Karnataka

 Fengkha Daimari- The Faith- Bhoi, Meghalaya

 Poonam Ratha- Borderlines- Rourkela, Odisha

Shrenik Mutha- Your Death is a Lachrymal to Your Mother's Tears- Pune, Maharashtra

 Yashodhara Trivedi- Between Continents- Kolkata, West Bengal

Shivani Gupta- Dear Girl From Pakistan- Chennai, Tamil Nadu

 Nilesh Mondal- Delhi: 6 Poems And A Farewell- Asansol, West Bengal

Vidit Taneja-  The Dark- New Delhi

Donita Ningombam- The Dragonfly- Imphal, Manipur

Sushmitha Arji- 20- Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Kampheriu Diengdoh- A Lost Voyager- Shillong, Meghalaya

Keval Jadwani-  I Killed A Dream- Jamnagar, Gujarat

Shradha Mehta- Men- Gaya, Bihar

Drishika Muthanna- Language of Silence- Bangalore, Karnataka

Award Ceremony

All winners and commendable mentions will be contacted personally in May. Winners will also be offered book publication by Delhi Poetry Slam. 

Check Out Wingword Story Competition. We are accepting submissions from youth between 13 to 28 years.