Slam Poetry Course @ DelSlam

We are currently accepting applications for this course. 

Learn how to write and perform slam poetry. Share your personal life with strangers. Build Confidence. Meet and make friends with wild young people like yourself! 

When: June 10th to June 30th 2017 (Weekends)
Where: A-25 Lajpat Nagar IV, Near Moolchand Metro Station, New Delhi-110024. 

You will attend writing exercises, spoken word poetry workshops and group feedback sessions. A month of self-discovery and realizing your own potential awaits you. 

Programme Fees: INR 15000/-

Beginners who have no experience in writing or performing poetry are encouraged to apply. Limited Seats Available. 

DelSlam Poets Shivani Gupta (left) and Rene Verma (right) perform spoken word poetry about topics they are passionate about.

Calendar and Venue

Every Saturday and Sunday in June 2017, students meet between 12 PM to 4 PM at Korean Cultural Centre in Lajpat Nagar for activities and workshops. There will be a poetry reading at the end of the course, where participants share the poetry they have written in front of a friendly audience. 

What Delhi Poetry Slam is Like?

Watch Video About How You Can Be a Slam Poet!

1. An adventure filled month where you are free to share your deepest inhibitions and fears, struggles and triumphs, weaknesses and strengths with each other. We will help you learn how to fuel your personal experiences into meaningful poetry.

3. Making friends with young people from all over Delhi. You will meet like-minded people, who appreciate you for who you are. 

4. A place where you belong as your true self. DelSlam is a hate free, judgement free zone. All participants are expected to be supportive and nurturing towards each other.

5. Gain an international experience by training under the mentorship of Stanford Graduate and Acclaimed Performance Poet Alok-Vaid Menon. Alok is one of the most known poets of Indian origin in United States of America.  

Meet Your Mentor

Alok-Vaid Menon is an international performance poet and writer based in New York. Alok is a graduate of University of Stanford. Alok will train students to overcome fears and learn tips to perform poetry on stage. 


Alok  has been invited to perform, speak, and facilitate at  universities,  conferences, and organizations across the world;  their work has been featured in various outlets like HBO, MTV, The Guardian, Buzzfeed, The  New  York Times, The New Yorker, and TEDx. 


Students will receive certificates for their participation from Delhi Poetry Slam. 

Apply Now

Make this winter memorable at Delhi Poetry Slam. Learn how to use poetry to share your life journey, build confidence, gain international experience and make friends with like-minded people! 

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