Help Frooti Fly To USA

Thank you to all donors who made it possible for Frooti to fly to her forever home. Frooti is currently on her flight travelling to Denver. 

Desi Puppy who was thrown out of a moving car by her owners needs your help in International Adoption

International Donors can PayPal to Indian donors can pay online via debit/ credit card or Paytm to 9654702715. 


Fundraising Goal: INR 1,00,000

Amount We Have Raised (Updated as on 24th August): INR 30,800

Watch the fundraising video above to know more about Frooti, the miracle puppy

Frooti's Story

Frooti's hope in humanity was shattered after she was abandoned and thrown out of a moving car by her owners. She broke her hind legs in the terrible incident. With no one to help her, she crawled for a week on the streets amidst busy traffic and heat. 

When Frooti had lost all faith, she was rescued by a nice lady who saw her struggle to survive. Frooti was shifted to Neeti Bagh Pet Clinic. The vets at the clinic were shocked to find that several bones in her hind legs were shattered and left untreated. The dedicated doctors took 3 Hours and performed an extensive surgery to join Frooti's splintered bones and provide support to her fragile spine. The doctors monitored the puppy continuously for a week. It took Frooti couple of weeks to recover from the operation. With much difficulty, she learnt how to walk and run. 

 No one in India wanted to adopt Frooti because she is an indie puppy and they would rather shop international breeds. Even more so, her hind leg was weak and they were seeking "fit puppies". 

But, miracles do happen. Frooti's hope in humanity was restored when an animal lover from Denver, USA came forward to adopt her. She thanked the universe with all her heart for a second chance in life. With your support, Frooti will be able to buy her flight ticket to reach her forever home. 

The fundraiser will cover Frooti's costs of surgery, medicines, flight from India to USA, crate, vaccinations and pre-departure medical check up. Donate to help our miracle indie puppy "Frooti" fly from India to the US. 

Donate To Help Frooti Reach Her Forever Home in the US

Frooti values any amount you donate. Your donation will support in uniting Frooti with her pet parent. Who would have thought that an Indian stray puppy from the streets will find a loving and forever home all the way across seven seas? Especially after all the pain and suffering that Frooti has been through, she has been given a second chance at life. 

Contribute to make Frooti's dreams come true. 

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The People

Meet the wonderful people who have rescued Frooti and helped shape her destiny. 

Freddie: The Foster Mom

Freddie is a traveller and filmmaker who found Frooti crawling on a harsh street in New Delhi. On enquiring with shopkeepers in the area, Freddie found out that little Frooti had been abandoned by her owners and had nowhere to go. Being an ardent animal lover, Freddie did not have a second thought before rescuing Frooti. Frooti was then taken to the hospital for her multiple leg injuries. She received treatment from some of the best vets in the country. When Freddie saw that Frooti became healthy, she put Frooti up for adoption. Frooti is currently in Freddie's foster care care. 

Say Hi to Freddie on Instagram:

Christine: The Rescuer

Christine is the founder of LiveLikeEd, an initiative to help needy dogs find their forever families. Christine lives in Ontario with her dog Charlie. LiveLikeEd is founded in fond memory of her dog Eddie who passed away to dog heaven recently.

Betty: The Pet Parent

Betty lives in Denver and is proud to have raised a wonderful son. She worked as a server in hotel restaurants for 40+ years. She went to Costa rica in 2011 and came home with her heartdog Morgan instead of a seashell. They travelled through 20+ states in their 5 years together.

On Feb 2nd, Betty put Morgan to sleep because he was in kidney failure. Betty's heart has been broken ever since. She is so looking forward to loving Frooti to help heal her heart and have the love of a dog, again! 


You can also Paytm the donation to 9654702715.  

This campaign is facilitated by animal lover Saumya Choudhury in New Delhi. Thank you for your generosity. 

Our Donors and Supporters

We are thankful to have received donations for Frooti from these generous people. 

Jayesh Kodwani: INR 7500

Shalini M: INR 6500

Jahnavi Verma: INR 2000

Saswati Mukerji: INR 2000

Anindita Mukhopadhyay: INR 1000

Antara DebBarma: INR 1000

Pooja Bhardwaj: INR 1000

Aravinda Vissa: INR 1000

Shauna Totten: $25

Anonymous: $25

Aashia Rahman: INR 500

Kashish Vanjani: INR 500

Shalini: INR 500

Sruti Bhattacharyya: INR 500

Bharti Chhabra: INR 500

Debajit Tayam: INR 500

Monica Kota: INR 300

Anitha Rao: INR 250

Nikita: INR 200

Disha: INR 200

Afreen Ali: INR 200

Gurdeep: INR 200

Yeswanth Marrapu: INR 100

Arun: INR 100

Kiran: INR 100

Shiwani Dhyani: INR 100

Pranali Borwankar: INR 100

Aryaman Tiwari: INR 100

Ankur Dubey: INR 100

Meher: INR 100

Anonymous: INR 100

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