Q. Are there any restrictions regarding language, content or subject matter?

We do not have any restrictions or preferences. We want to read your unique style of writing.  

Q. Are pen names allowed?

Pen names are not allowed. Please only send us your legal name. 

Q. Can I use language other than English in my writing?

No. The judging is done by international writers and thus submissions only in English are accepted. 

Q. I am a beginner. Do I have a chance to win?

Wingword Competition accepts submissions only from writers in the age group 13-25 is because we want to recognize new and fresh talent. Beginners are encouraged to submit their poetry. Wingword takes pride in providing a platform to beginners and new poets. 

Q. Can I send a previously published poem?

Yes, you can send works that have been previously published. 

Q. What is the maximum number of poems that I can submit?

A. The maximum number of poems you can submit at once is three. However you allowed to submit multiple enteries and there is no restriction in the number of poems you submit. Each poem is judged independently and is eligible for a prize.

Q. Can I ask the judges to review my work personally?

No personal correspondence with the judges can be entered into. 

Q. What is the procedure to participate in the competition? 

You can choose to submit between one or three poems. Upon paying the respective entry fee, you will receive a submission form via e-mail to attach your poems online. 

Q. When will the results be announced?

Results will be announced on April 30th 2017. The names of the winners will be announced on our website. 

Q. Will there be a winning ceremony for Wingword Poetry Prize?

Yes, the winning ceremony will take place in New Delhi. All winners of Wingword Poetry Prize and their families will be invited to attend it. The ceremony will also be attended by newspapers, literary agents and academics. There will be a poetry reading, followed by speeches by several youth winners about their hopes and dreams in pursuing the art of poetry. 

Q. Is it compulsory for a prize winner to attend the winning ceremony to receive the prize?

No. It is not compulsory. Winners who cannot make it to the ceremony will receive the prize money at their home address. 

Q. Is Wingword Poetry Prize sponsored and organized by Delhi Poetry Slam?

Yes. Delhi Poetry Slam established Wingword Poetry Prize as a national poetry competition to recognize the talent among youth who write poetry. Delhi Poetry Slam is proud to bring fame and recognition to deserving poets across India.

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