Get the chance to be featured as a subject/model in our upcoming literary blog!

We are looking for young people aged 15- 32 years, living in New Delhi who are passionate about creating a change in society through art. You will be a part of a series of photography and film projects that aim to challenge social prejudice and discrimination. 

The audition is not based on your appearance. Indeed the aim of the photography and film projects is to demonstrate the variety of facial and physical features that our society has. It aims to empower all. No acting or theatre experience required. As long as you are willing to be on camera for a bold social cause, we look forward to meeting you. 

Topics: Role of Gender in Our Day-to-Day Lives, Cultural Identity, Casteism, Social Prejudice.

What happens during the audition? We ask you to introduce yourself and share bits and pieces of your life. We will then interview you about any social issue you are passionate about and how it has impacted you on a personal level. 

Call For Auditions: 18th February, Saturday

Please report by 10 AM at Korean Cultural Centre, A-25 Lajpat Nagar IV  New Delhi- 110024

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Tell us who you are and what makes you passionate about creating social change in India.